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Workplace Design & Build in Aberdeen


Design & Build is the alternative evolution of the traditional architect>consultant>contractor procurement method, and its simplicity is the reason why Albyn Design & Build utilises this approach for the majority of its commercial projects.
We can manage every service required under one roof, on your behalf, expertly handling your entire project from start to finish.
Architecture, planning, design, technical detail, building regulations, trade package tenders, and project managing your project, achieving the perfect result to meet your specification.
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Frequently Asked 'Design & Build' Questions
Why 'Design & Build'? With a company such as Albyn Design & Build, both the architectural and the construction services are packaged up as one, meaning less time spent by you coordinating the various consultants, and less time overall developing that process. You can be on site far quicker utilising the design and build set up, compared to following the traditional route. 
What are the benefits? The responsibility of the project lies with us, there is no translation lost between the various stakeholders. A fixed price gives you cost-certainty and, with the exception of any proposed changes made during the works, the price we quote you is the price you pay at completion. As we are design-led, the construction work always closely follows the design we have created on your behalf. We know what things cost, and design on that basis.
Part of our remit as architectural designers is researching new products and methods, a benefit you'll rarely see with contractor-led design and build companies.
Am I in control? At each stage you are kept fully informed on progress of the project, be that design, timescale, and cost. From the initial consultation, it's our job to gain your trust and ensure that we also gain all the information necessary from you to fulfil your brief. 
Who else do I need to employ? Unless you have a specialist supplier such as laboratory furniture, or manufacturing process equipment, the simple answer is 'nobody'. We offer a full turnkey service managing all the necessary professions and trades under one roof, with a single point of contact to help you all through the project to completion.
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