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Workplace Design & Build in Aberdeen


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Conversion of Office to Staff Gym

Making the most of disused office space, such as this fabulous conversion into a staff fitness suite, can do wonders for staff morale and workforce engagement.

Client: Private

Sector: Oil & Gas

Value: £210,000 (2019)

Timescale: 2.5 months

Design & Build Project Management: Canale Associates & Albyn Design & Build

Principal Contractor: David Urquhart Joinery

Structural Engineer: Ramsay & Chalmers

As your workplace develops over time, certain areas can be left unused, taking up valuable real estate in your building. In this case, a fitness suite was created by converting an old mail room and project office, providing a large open suite with new changing facilities, showers, drying room and lockers.

Total floorspace reclaimed of 135sq.m. (1500sq.ft.), serving a building with 550 staff.

Out With The Old

Every nook and cranny in your building has the potential to be put to good use

BEFORE: The areas were dated, tired, and unused. Do you remember having a mailroom?!

Every nook and cranny in your building has the potential to be put to good use, and at Albyn Design & Build we are well placed to help you seek out those valuable areas. Whether it's re-purposing an existing area, extending into disused external zones, even taking down internal walls and forming new spaces, we're a dab hand at finding space.

By completely stripping out the mailroom, storage and office areas, and knocking out the internal walls, a new fitness area was formed along with male and female changing & showers, a drying room, a disabled shower facility, and a secure access lobby.

We also broke out the external wall forming a full size structural opening providing a fully glazed wall and fire exit, complete with mirror glass film allowing gym-goers stacks of daylight without compromising privacy from the adjacent offices.

The works were carried out alongside a full renovation of the remaining offices.

AFTER: The stunning results of the conversion make the area unrecognisable!

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