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Case Study - Business Relocation and Building Refurbishment

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Our client had a design and a price from another supplier. We managed to both improve the design, and massively reduce the cost.

Client: Control Valve Solutions

Sector: Oil & Gas

Value: £150,000 (2019)

Timescale: 3 months

Design & Build Project Management: Albyn Design & Build

Principal Contractor: Alpha Projects (Scotland) Ltd

We first met with Control Valve Solutions late summer 2018, and by autumn of that year had reduced their build costs, revolutionised the design, and had started on site - well on our way to delivering their awesome refurbished headquarters in Altens, Aberdeen.

CVS offers tailor made solutions for all control valve and related products specifically for the oil and gas industry

If ever a project highlighted the benefit of working with a 'design-led' design and build contractor, it's the project we carried out with Control Valve Solutions to refurbish a tired industrial unit and relocate.

Control Valve Solutions Limited (CVS) offers tailor made solutions for all control valve and related products, including isolation valves, specifically for the oil and gas industry. They were a considerable distance down the line in leasing an existing industrial unit at Minto Industrial Park in Altens, looking to relocate from smaller premises in Portlethen.

When we first met the client, they already had a design and build proposal on the table from another supplier. However, the costs were proving prohibitive and, as a result, they were facing having to compromise the brief in order to afford the relocation.

Working Together With The Client To Provide Complete Workplace Solutions

Albyn Design & Build are a small, family-run business in Aberdeen. Our in-house design and sub-contracted trade workforce mean we have extremely low overheads, enabling us to offer cost effective workplace solutions to our clients. What also impresses our clients is our flexibility and willingness to incorporate changes and upgrades throughout both the design and build phases, without costly penalties.

On the CVS project, we were able to upgrade the interior office frontage to a full length glass wall midway through the project, as well as graphic design services producing the fantastic 'F1 Dream' mural in reception (complete with client logos on the team overalls).

Mick Beavers, MD of Control Valve Solutions, gave us this fabulous testimonial:

"When the decision was made to relocate to new premises we needed a company that could turn a building into a bespoke facility, that not only our clients would be impressed with, but also one that our staff members could be proud of and enjoy working from. Following months of searching for the building and after interviewing all staff members about what designs, space, and facility they wanted, the project was approved and so we went out to three companies to deliver a first class facility, from design, build and commissioning. Albyn Design & Build stood out from the rest, Mark and his team went to great lengths to understand the project. Meeting with Mark several times meant that every single remit was documented and all of the ideas were then incorporated into the quotation, options were also included to allow comparisons to either cost or design. It was a very simple decision on who was awarded the contract, Albyn Design & Build were given the green light and immediately looked to not just start but for cost neutral actually improve a design to deliver an even better look. From day one of the project right the way through to sign off the professionalism and management of so many tradesman was fantastic, I did not have to worry about any single day, member of staff, or standard of workmanship, the whole project was a success and delivered in budget and on-time. If you are taking on a building, or an improvement project then you have to appoint Albyn Design & Build.

You will not be disappointed!"

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